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Post Sympathy for the Gator

Thursday August 7, 2008

Those who have kept up with the climate on campus in Athens could probably see this coming a mile away.

Just more than a week after the Princeton Review cited UF as the best place to party, the university revised its alcohol policy, specifically prohibiting some popular college-drinking activities….

“We are trying to encourage responsible behavior,” said UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes. “Drinking games encourage those things we are trying to discourage, which is excessive drinking and underage drinking.”

The next step as we all know is mandatory suspensions for student-athletes for some of this stuff. We’ll commiserate over a glass of tea at the WLOCP.

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  • Puhlease. Gaytor Admin allowed Ronnie the rifleman back on campus, to attend classes, and work out with the football team just 1 day after being pooped for marijuana WHILE ON PROBATION for the AK47 shootout at da club. Kegs & beer pong is the least of their worries. Gaytor student-athletes don’t know the meaning of the term “mandatory suspension.”