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Post Injury update

Thursday August 7, 2008

Other than sorting out the depth chart, injuries are the biggest stories to come out of fall camp. With a single injury on the most insignificant practice play, a season can turn.

Fortunately the injury news has been relatively kind so far to Georgia’s depth chart. There’s only one serious injury so far. Redshirt freshman Walter Hill broke his hand yesterday and will be out 4-6 weeks. Injuries to anyone are a letdown, but it always gets me whenever it’s a redshirt freshman early in camp. These guys put in their time during the redshirt season and spring ball, and then an injury just as they were trying to earn playing time puts them in catch-up mode right out of the gate.

There were a pair of more minor injuries earlier in the week. Freshman A.J. Green was nursing a hip flexor injury, and though it’s not a serious injury the staff is erring on the side of caution when it comes to protecting a player that could make a difference this year. Don’t worry too much – AJ was out there running positional drills yesterday. Also, cornerback Prince Miller came down with a shoulder injury going for the ball. The injury won’t require surgery, but he will be out for a week or so. Meanwhile, Bryan Evans will see the reps as the starting corner opposite Asher Allen.

From the whistling-past-the-graveyard dept., the news isn’t so good for Florida as TE/WR Cornelius Ingram is out with a knee injury. The team is calling it a “strain”, but MRI results are still pending. Harvin might be the most dangerous player on that team, but Ingram is one of the more imposing pass catchers to set foot on a field. He’s got good hands, receiver speed, and can drag five or six undersized defensive backs a good 25 yards or so.

UPDATE: It’s still unconfirmed, but word is starting to spread that Ingram has been lost for the year. If true, count this as one of those big moments of suck that are inevitable each year as bright-eyed optimism for the upcoming season gets an unceremonious kick in the groin. He would have been a high draft pick coming out after last season but chose to return for his senior year.

Not to be crass this soon after the news breaks, but Ingram’s decision to return was high-profile enough that it will be brought up when some other players face the same decision after the 2008 season. There are no guarantees on either side of that decision, but you can bet that “remember what happened to Ingram” will be part of some though processes.

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