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Post $10,651

Monday July 14, 2008

According to an unconfirmed report on the DawgVent this afternoon, the Hartman Fund cut-off for first-time season ticket orders was 10,651.

If you are renewing your season tickets, this cut-off doesn’t apply to you. But for recent alums, your first-time season ticket application will be refunded if it didn’t come with a donation of over 10 grand.

Official cut-offs for season tickets and road games should be out later this week. This is the price of success, my friends.

But for those who will receive refunds, this isn’t necessarily bad news or the end of your chances of watching Georgia football in person. Tickets will be easy to come by for half of Georgia’s home games. Georgia Southern, Central Michigan, and Vandy tickets should be floating around on game day at less than face value. And for the rest (Alabama, Tennessee, Tech), you should be able to find tickets for a premium, yes, but I doubt your total would go over a few hundred bucks for those three games. Contrast that with a $10,651 donation on top of the cost of a ticket, and those who are forced to take the scalper route should come out well ahead.

If obtaining season tickets down the road is a priority but the one-time donation is too rich for your blood, contribute at whatever amount is comfortable and scalp your way in for a few years. Either your total will catch up to the cut-off, or the cut-off will drop if there’s a decrease in demand down the road.

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