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Post One step forward, two steps back

Monday July 7, 2008

Offseason attrition continues for the Georgia basketball program. Freshman forward Jeremy Jacob will leave the program and transfer. (Note that this is not Jeremy Price. Price was a regular starter on the frontcourt.) Jacob was injured early in the season and did not play in any SEC games. His injury qualified him for a medical redshirt, and he will have all four years of eligibility remaining.

If you want to stretch for a silver lining, it’s this: Jacob apparently doesn’t see much of a future for himself at Georgia. “Jeremy has expressed an interest in playing for a program where he can play a more prominent role than he believes he will play at Georgia,” said coach Dennis Felton. That’s a somewhat positive statement about the rest of frontcourt talent if playing time really is Jacob’s motivation. Still, he was a talented prep player and at least was going to provide some depth.

If a guy wants to leave, he wants to leave, and you can’t put this or Billy Humphrey’s DUI arrest on Felton. But the guy just can’t escape this kind of bad luck when it comes to his roster. Losing an obvious project like Singleton is one thing; now Georgia has lost its starting shooting guard and a four-star small forward.

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