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Post Omaha Road Trip Blog

Monday June 23, 2008

The college road trip is a right of passage, and some writers for the Red and Black have taken to the highways to watch the Diamond Dawgs in Omaha.


11:23- Tyler: Is it blog worthy if I run down this Tennessee fan in front of us ?Me: sure it is, I was thinking the same thing. Although, weren’t you a Tennessee fan growing up? Tyler (regretfully): Yes

Side note- Tyler LOVES pretzel sticks, they are apparently really good with beer. Since I’m not 21 and have never drank underage, I wouldn’t know.

12:21: Tyler once again points out the mind-blowing realization that we are driving to Nebraska. Damn, 1,043 miles is a long way. My over/under for someone saying that we are driving to Nebraska is five, and we already at two.

4:39: Mile 434.2. Insanity may finally be broached, as we all join in a terrifically harmonized and falsettoed rendition of “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” (you know, that commercial from the 70s). And then we, of course, each enjoy a Coke. And keep it company. In perfect harmony.

6:41: Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping” raises morale.

Highly recommended. I hope they keep it up and make it to Omaha.

I’m going to try liveblogging tonight’s game. Someone has to keep track of the number of times they show Lauren Massinari or tell us that Fresno State was a #4 seed in their regional. I doubt they mention that Fresno was a preseason top 20 team.

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