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Post Weather deals Dawgs a bad break

Thursday June 19, 2008

Rain hit the Omaha area Thursday night, forcing the postponement of the loser’s bracket game between LSU and North Carolina. The UNC-LSU game will resume at 7:00 p.m. ET on Friday.

The shuffled schedule means that Stanford and Georgia will not play until Saturday at 2 p.m. ET (ESPN2) If Stanford beats Georgia on Saturday, the two teams would play again on Sunday.

Basically, everything is pushed back a day.

Why is this less-than-good news? Two reasons. First, it gives Stanford another day to rest. The historical disadvantage of the loser’s bracket was quick turnaround. Now any pitcher Stanford used on Monday against Georgia should be just fine for Saturday’s game, and it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that Stanford could call on a pitcher used Wednesday.

Second is looking ahead a bit to the potential championship round. If Georgia must play on Sunday, they are looking at no fewer than four straight days of action should they prevail over Stanford. Saturday’s game now becomes extremely significant. Win on Saturday and Georgia can rest on Sunday while their championship opponent might have to play on Sunday. Lose on Saturday and brace yourselves for some pretty interesting personnel decisions. Getting through Stanford is of course the priority, but you also don’t want to arrive at Monday’s championship game with nothing in the tank.

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  • Thomas Brown

    June 21st, 2008
    1:26 am


    LSU used up a lot of North Carolina’s pitchers, including their Starter they were going to use today. If any of those pitchers pitch Monday, it would have to be on 2 days’ rest. That is not good for North Carolina. And, it’s getting worse for them.

    We get to play the early game today. After our game, North Carolina has to play Fresno State bulldogs. If North Carolina wins that, they must play tomorrow again. What pitchers are left for today for North Carolina ? What pitchers would be left for tomorrow, should NC win today, having already burned their Starter for today ?

    Then, NC goes into Monday with what in the tank ? NC is behind the 8-ball on pitching already and it gets worse every game they win.

    Fresno State played a day after we did on Monday when they played Tuesday. Fresno State plays after our game this afternoon, against NC tonight. Fresno State barely got by NC Tuesday night. If Fresno State cannot get by NC after our game, they have to play another game tomorrow. Again, this game would be after our game tomorrow.

    Fresno State is in a worse position than UGA.

    NC is in a worse position than UGA.

    Stanford is in a worse position than UGA.

    Stanford played two days after our last game, having to play Wednesday when we last had to play Monday.

    If Stanford beats UGA at 2 p.m. today, they have to play again tomorrow. Stanford has to beat UGA twice. UGA has to win 1 of the next 2 games, and whether we win today or tomorrow, we are better off than any other team.

    It’s the Quarter-Finals now. Best of 3 to advance to the Championship Round. There are only 3 other teams left. UGA is at least Number 4 in the nation now.

    And, we, not anyone else, are in the Catbird seat.