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Post Changing Duke football, one illegally-parked car at a time

Monday May 19, 2008

New Blue Devil football coach David Cutcliffe isn’t going to take other Duke coaches kicking sand in his program’s face:

Probably the difficult thing was just some of the culture here as to how our facilities may have been a little disrespected in my mind.

I made a lot of people mad. I closed off our practice facility and had some cars towed from some other coaches that were parking where they weren’t supposed to be parking.

I made some enemies, but they found out real quick that we’re going to have a football program here that’s not going to be disrespected.

It would be interesting to hear what sport those coaches were from. I doubt anyone’s towing Steve Wojciechowski’s car. But if we’re not talking about basketball (or even Duke’s great lacrosse program), how bad are things with Duke football that someone from, say, volleyball thinks that the football parking lot is fair game?

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