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Friday May 16, 2008

You almost have to pity Gamecock delusion because, well, reality isn’t a very fun thing to consider. When a moment of clarity arrives for the Gamecock fan, it isn’t pretty.

This screed is what happens when a Gamecock reaches the breaking point. If you hadn’t noticed, it hasn’t been a very successful year all-around in Columbia (even by South Carolina standards).

You f#!king suck, man.

Here’s how your sorry ass stacks up in SEC conference play: football, 3-5; men’s basketball, 5-11; baseball (prior to the UT series), 13-14; softball, 8-18; women’s basketball, 4-10; volleyball, 7-13; men’s tennis, 1-10; and women’s tennis, 5-6. The only team, in fact, at the entire school with a winning SEC record is women’s soccer, which eked out a 5-4-2 record.

…Oh, you started off talking all kinds of s#!t. Conference championships in football. New recruits and transfers in basketball. Best infield in the nation in baseball and the program’s best-ever slugger. And yet, man did you ever fall on your face in front of everybody, over and over again, week after week, loss after loss.

With that sad existence as the alternative, it’s understandable that a certain level of rationalization and detachment is required to keep South Carolina fans from crying themselves to sleep each night.

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