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Tuesday May 6, 2008

The AJC for some reason has quite a breakdown of the athletic department’s expenses during the Sugar Bowl. The total bill was $2.2 million which included all expenses for team, staff, supporting organizations, and guests of the University. The sum also includes bonuses paid to football and athletic department staff.

It’s good to be in the BCS. The article sometimes takes a glib tone regarding some of the expenses (“handing out bonuses like breath mints”), but I really don’t see that much out of line. Maybe they didn’t have to spend $200,000 on tickets since fans couldn’t give away tickets to the game, but an average of $1,632.39 for guests on a 4-day junket to the Sugar Bowl isn’t that extravagant.

The Dawgs will get that money back, and then some, when the SEC membership assembles in Scrooge McDuck’s vault and distributes the year’s shared revenue. The share is again expected to be over $10 million per school.

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