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Post Status Quo reigns

Wednesday April 30, 2008

Mark Schlabach reports that the BCS meetings have concluded with the process unchanged.

Saying the BCS was in an “unprecedented state of health,” ACC commissioner John Swofford announced Wednesday that college football will not change the way it determines its national champion as it prepares to begin negotiations for future television contracts that will probably run through the 2014 season.

“We will move forward in the next cycle with the current format,” said Swofford, who serves as BCS chairman. “I believe the BCS has never been healthier in its first decade.”

While most will focus on the fact that a plus-one or playoff were shot down, it’s also worth noting that the formula and process has been pretty stable since the 2004 season. The major change since has been to replace the AP poll with the Harris poll, but the mechanics have stayed constant.

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