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Thursday April 17, 2008

They’re no inflatable couch, but these two items should be in your possession sometime this year:

Author Rob Suggs is writing a book named “Top Dawg: Mark Richt and the Revival of Georgia Football.” For the majority of you who know your way around the Bulldog message boards, telling you that this is SaxonDawg’s book should say everything. It’s going to be a good one. Despite Richt’s hesitancy that comes across in the ABH blurb, he is cooperating with the author, and it will be one of the first inside looks at the most recent chapter in Georgia football history.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon now.

Second, the Munson bobblehead that was in the news last week seems to be available now. You can find it over on the Anti-Orange page, at Bulldog Sporting Goods, or you can try your favorite Bulldog retailer. Remember that 100% of the royalties and proceeds goes to UGA Athletic Department’s Noah Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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