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Post SEC Tournament refund policy announced

Tuesday March 25, 2008

The good news: you might be able to recover some of your costs if you bought SEC Tournament tickets.

The bad news: if you bought your tickets through a “secondary market”, you’re screwed. That includes tickets bought from scalpers, brokers, dejected Florida fans, whatever. No refund for you.

Here are the details. The key points:

Fans holding tickets to Sessions 4, 5 and 6 would receive a refund based on the following conditions:

· The original ticket holder purchased the tickets through the SEC Ticket Office, the Georgia Dome or any of the 12 SEC member institutions.
· The original ticket holder mails the Session 4, 5 and 6 tickets to the original place of purchase (SEC Ticket Office, the Georgia Dome or any of the 12 SEC member institutions) postmarked by Friday, April 18. Session 4 tickets could also be a torn ticket since the first game of the session was played in the Georgia Dome.

The original ticket holder is the only person that may receive a refund on tickets. Individuals that purchased tickets in the secondary market will not qualify for refunds through any of the authorized ticket outlets.

Ticket refunds will be issued by the same method in which the individual purchased the tickets. The maximum refund amount per ticket book would be $125 ($45 each for Sessions 4 and 5 and $35 for Session 6).

To put it bluntly, excluding secondary purchases is bullshit. Especially since UGA officially endorses the secondary ticket market. If they are requiring fans to mail in remaining tickets, all that should be required is a return address.

Qualifying Georgia fans will be most interested in these three addresses:

Georgia Athletic Ticket Office
Attn: SEC Ticket Refund
PO Box 1472
Athens, GA 30603-1472

SEC Ticket Office
Attn: SEC Ticket Refund
PO Box 661574
Birmingham, AL 35266

Georgia Dome Ticket Office
Attn: SEC Ticket Refund
One Georgia Dome Drive
Atlanta, GA 30313-1591

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