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Post Um…a little late on the motivational tactics, Billy

Tuesday March 18, 2008

As Florida prepares for the NIT first round against San Diego State, Billy Donovan pulls out a motivational tactic usually seen during the season when it might actually do some good.

Coach Billy Donovan, feeling like his players had settled into a state of complacency and entitlement, banned them from Florida’s $12 million facility. He also told them they couldn’t wear any Florida attire.

For most of the free world, an edict not to wear any Florida attire is common sense and not punishment. If you thought this approach sounded familiar, you’re right.

Football coach Urban Meyer, who has developed a close relationship with Donovan, pulled a similar move in summer 2005. Meyer barred players from the locker room and told them they couldn’t wear orange and blue or anything with the Gators logo on it.

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  • Donnovan makes perfect sense here. Why would any one want to wear Gaytor attire? Hillbilly orange is pretty sickening to the eyes as well.