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Post Well…might as well win the damn thing

Saturday March 15, 2008

It’s almost impossible to comprehend what has happened to the Georgia basketball team in the last 24 hours.  I tempered my thoughts after the Ole Miss win Thursday night (which now seems like 3 months ago) by reminding myself that it was an overtime win over a so-so team just for the right to get to the SEC quarterfinals.  In other words, exciting finish, but…big deal.

That’s all out the window now. 

Naturally all of us expected Georgia to adjust to the tornado, Friday night’s cancellation, the relocation to Tech, the noon start time, two games in one day, and Sundiata Gaines fouling out twice.  All in a day’s work to knock off two 12-4 SEC teams within 10 hours.  As Billy Humphrey said after the day’s second win, a tornado is nothing next to what this team has been through this year. 

All of a sudden the team that couldn’t buy a break all season has them in abundance and is on the precipice of the unthinkable:  an SEC tournament championship and a trip to the NCAA Tournament.  A tournament that began as a death watch for the season and coaching staff has become one of the most memorable and unlikely runs by a Georgia team since, well, since a football team left for dead after Tennessee won seven straight to end its season.

Georgia has already made history by becoming the first #6 seed to play for the SEC title.  We might as well finish the story of stories off by winning the thing.

Fatigue is still very much a factor.  True, the Dawgs made it through the two-game gauntlet.  Whether adrenaline or just sheer will, they had enough to carry them at the end of the MSU game.  The night’s sleep and later start will help of course, but hopefully the team won’t wake up with their legs feeling like lead.

By the way, for Tim Brando and any Kentucky fans upset about a call or two…

Have a Kleenex

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