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Post Update – 12:45 AM

Friday March 14, 2008

Per Chuck Dowdle on WSB-TV, the Dawgs have made it back to the Marriott Marquis hotel. The team is still unaware of plans for Saturday. Coach Felton’s top priority, now that everyone is safely back to the hotel, is to get the team a good night’s rest. In a hotel right in the middle of downtown with emergency equipment swarming, I hope they can find some peace and quiet.

Mark Schlabach on ESPN speculated that it might be morning before any game times are announced. The fitness of the Dome to host the event still must be determined, and SEC officials are in meetings with the athletic directors to knock out plans. As I said earlier, it might take sunrise to learn the extent of the situation in the Dome/GWCC area. Local television has shown some incredible footage of flooding at the GWCC due to burst pipes. The World Congress Center looks to have taken more of a direct hit than the Dome.

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