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Post Dawgs’ search for meaning

Friday March 14, 2008

A little corner of the Bulldog Nation woke up bleary-eyed this morning. The game couldn’t have finished any later if it were the Maui Classic or the Sugar Bowl.

Blame three hours of sleep, but I’m still a bit giddy over the win. Yes, I realize it probably shouldn’t have even gone to overtime. Georgia reminded us at times why they were the East’s #6 seed, and I feel fairly confident that Dennis Felton will have a sniper standing by to pick off any Georgia defender that gets near a perimeter shooter in the final seconds of tonight’s game. Yes, we’re celebrating an overtime win over an average bubble team in an SEC first round game. Kentucky fans must think that’s so adorable.

Butler-to-Bliss probably isn’t up there with Belue-to-Scott in terms of significance, but it’s all we have right now, so we’ll take it. It’s inevitable though that the win quickly turns to a discussion of Dennis Felton’s future. Already several writers have tried to read the tea leaves to determine what the outcome means for Felton.

As happy as I am with the win, look…it’s one win. The five years of Dennis Felton shouldn’t be reduced to the outcome of one night or even one tournament, win or lose. His future with the team, whatever it is, should be based on the whole of his five years in the position.

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