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Post The cost of keeping Urban Meyer

Wednesday March 12, 2008

Meyer’s $3.25 million annual salary is just the tip of the iceberg according to the contract he signed last summer.

In addition to the $3.25 million annual salary he agreed to last June, Meyer would receive $3.75 million in retention bonuses until the deal expires after the 2012 season, according to a copy of the contract the Times-Union acquired through a public- records request made last summer and received Tuesday. There’s also a buyout clause that would pay Meyer $2 million for each year left on the deal if he were to be fired.

While it would be pretty expensive for Florida to part ways with Meyer, the commitment isn’t exactly reciprocal.

Also in the new contract is a clause that provides Meyer with a window of Dec. 1 to either Jan. 2 or until seven days after a Gators bowl game to take another job. If Meyer breaks his contract, he would owe UF $500,000. That’s up from $150,000 in his previous deal.

$500k to break a contract is an afterthought these days.

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  • I think a bright, talented blogger could absolutely destroy Urban Meyer’s credibility. I know some guy has a MySpace, but that doesn’t cut it.

    I mean a sustained, focused collection highlighting Urban’s misdeeds, transgressions, quotes, and gems like how easy it would be for him to skip town for the NFL (as if that wasn’t something he asked for specificially).