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Friday February 22, 2008

Congratulations to Georgia Tech. On the eve of the start of college baseball, they found a way to have a college basketball game rained out. They will try to reschedule the game, but it might have to happen after the regular season and before the conference tournament.

You almost feel sorry for these fans, but then you remember that they were going to watch Tech basketball.

Once the PA announcer told fans in a less-than-half-filled arena that the game would hopefully be rescheduled and to hold onto ticket stubs, Tech fans Jeff Reeves and his son Lee were not amused.

They drove five hours from Demopolis, Ala. After Lee’s first chance to see a Tech game was drowned out, he said, “It sucks.”

Paul Hewitt’s joke that the team “finally caught a break” at home makes me wonder if this rainout came via the Crash Davis method.

Crash Davis
You want a rainout?

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  • Hey, a throwback to the old days when the old UGA basketball arena also had “rainouts”…Time for a new roof at Tech I guess, Tech the home of all those engineering students who apparently don’t know how to keep the rain out . . . .