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Post Another shoe drops

Tuesday February 19, 2008

Imelda Marcos would be in awe over the number of shoes that have dropped on the Georgia basketball program this year.

Buried in an AJC article, we learn today that forward Chris Barnes might be lost for the season. Barnes played quality minutes against Tennessee but injured his shoulder in the game.

Billy Humphrey is expected to be able to play, so that’s at least some good news, though it’s uncertain how much he’ll be able to contribute. The return of Humphrey also poses a decision for Coach Felton. With Swansey coming on and Gaines playing out of his mind lately, do you mess with that combination? Should Humphrey and Woodbury, who’s been an inconsistent shooter from the wing, split time in a smaller lineup until either shows that his shot is falling? Without Barnes, will Woodbury have to give some minutes on the frontcourt when Bliss and/or Price need rest?

Not that it matters, but here’s my ideal lineup at this point:
Swansey – Gaines – Humphrey/Woodbury – Price – Bliss
First off the bench would be Humphrey or Woodbury, then Butler, then Brewer, then Jackson.

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