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Wednesday February 13, 2008

Chip Towers is right: you can’t mention Vince Dooley without the whole Dooley vs. Adams thing starting all over again. Now a $1 million planned tribute to the former coach and athletics director is not enough, petty, and part of (another) Adams plot to keep Dooley’s legacy as far away from Sanford Stadium as possible.


Still, for those who would like to see the tribute placed closer to the stadium rather than across the street from a Kangaroo, there is a good option. When the Tate Center Expansion is finished in a few years, there will be a greenspace leading to the stadium from Lumpkin Street. It’s not a huge space, especially on a crowded gameday, but it looks as if it could serve as Georgia’s “National Mall” where statues of Dooley and any other past greats could dot the landscape.

Tate 2 area greenspace

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  • I loved Dooly for 35 years, but I’m sick of him now. If he was the man I thought we was for 35 years, he would have found a way to make peace with his (ex)boss and spare us all this crap.