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Post Adams gives Felton a warning shot?

Sunday February 10, 2008

The other day I touched on the perception problem with Georgia basketball.  Of course it’s ridiculous to paint the picture of a program in turmoil over a jaywalking incident, but the casual fan sees the names in the papers, sees the attrition, and wonders how far away we are from Tony Cole. (A long way, if you were wondering.)

Still, University President Michael Adams acknowledges this growing perception.  “I think in that (men’s basketball) program, we’ve had too many issues of misconduct lately,” he said on Thursday.  While this is a relatively lightweight statement next to some of the memos sent to Jim Harrick and Vince Dooley back in their day, it is still an indication that these problems in the basketball program are on Adams’ radar. 

With the discussion about Felton’s future now moving into some very public arenas, the perception of the program is one thing that Felton must have on his side, especially as things on the court continue to look grim.

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