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Post Georgia Legislature deals with important issues

Friday February 1, 2008

In an act sure to go down in history alongside “freedom fries” as bold legislative stands, the Georgia legislature took the time to weigh in on the BCS.

The state House voted 151-9 Friday to urge the NCAA to create a playoff system for college football, adopting a resolution that calls the current system “dysfunctional.”

…The resolution, which now goes to the Senate, calls the BCS system “the greatest disappointment of the 2007 college football season.”

Awesome. Can’t wait to see the outcome of their American Idol vote later this month.

But if the legislature is going to stick its nose into college football, there are much more pressing matters they could deal with such as this abomination they allowed to slip through:

Pull ‘em over

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  • I could be mistaken, but I think the vanity plates for rival schools are brilliant. It’s basically a glorified bumper sticker, except the royalties go to us instead of UF, AU, etc. So we get a share of their mechandising revenues.

  • Yet Florida will not allow any other school to have a plate in Florida. The tag office put me off with “problems in interstate transfer of royalties” until I brought up the UF tags in three other states and then I was told that Florida law prohibits this.

    BTW: UF does get a cut out of every tag sold in another state.