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Post Munzenmaier’s mouth earns him an extra game

Tuesday January 22, 2008

We found out over the weekend that two Bulldog football players were suspended for at least the season opener due to alcohol-related arrests, but the circumstances around Fred Munzenmaier’s arrest led Coach Richt to double Munzenmaier’s suspension.

“I’m adding a second game to the original one-game suspension after reading the complete police report and discussing it with Fred,” said Richt. “The way he handled the situation with the police officer was totally inappropriate and demonstrated a lack of respect for authority. We expect our players, just like my children, to show total respect at all times for those in authority and especially police officers.”

According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Munzenmaier allegedly “thanked the arresting officer from Athens-Clarke County for ‘costing him two games,'” and didn’t stop there.

Munzenmaier told the officer it was obvious that “we” have it “out for them,” according to the report, and that police have a point system for athletes. The officer told Munzenmaier he had no idea that he was an athlete when he stopped his vehicle, nor did he care. Munzenmaier later used an expletive to tell the officer to shut his mouth because he didn’t want to make small talk, according to the report.

As Ron White would say, Fred had the right to remain silent…but he didn’t have the ability.

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