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Post Adams’ trip to Nashville not a complete washout

Wednesday January 16, 2008

Though the playoff proposal got tabled, another issue raised by UGA President Michael Adams will get a closer look from the NCAA.

The Division I Board of Directors at its January 14 meeting approved the formation of a presidential task force to examine issues of commercialism and student-athlete well-being associated with athletics, including postseason football.

The Board issued a statement which said in part that, “the NCAA Board agreed the issues of presidential leadership and commercialism, identified in President Adams’ communication, especially deserve further discussion.”

One wonders what the outcome of this task force will be. When most of us complain about the crass commercialism surrounding bowl games, we’re talking about television broadcasts that last until the rooster crows three times the following morning. But “commercialism” can mean many things from corporate sponsorships to the gifts given to participating players.

On the other hand, TV deals fuel the bowls which fuel the BCS conferences, and, as we’ve seen every time this subject comes up, the conferences aren’t in a hurry to get off the gravy train. A conclusion that “less commercialism” means “give us just as much money but be less visible” will probably get the same response from the networks and sponsors as the playoff proposal got from the conferences.

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