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Post Incredible – what’s going on at Auburn?

Monday January 14, 2008

Georgia has its share of meddling boosters who like to pull a power play every now and then, but even we have our limits.

Says Josh Moon in the Montgomery Advertiser,

In case you missed it, numerous reports, including one from the Montgomery Advertiser’s own Jay G. Tate, have stated that Muschamp left the Tigers after a mixup with his contract and learning that Tuberville wasn’t exactly on very solid footing at Auburn.

A group of powerful AU boosters made a power play and orchestrated plans to remove Tuberville after the Alabama game this year. I have no idea what they planned to say to Tubs when firing him, other than, “Sorry, Tommy, but six straight wins over ‘Bama and the best four-year record in school history just isn’t good enough. This is Auburn, after all. We’re used to far less.”

Anyway, Muschamp saw all of this and decided it was a headache he didn’t need. So, he caught the first plane out of town.

At least a plane trip to Louisville wasn’t involved this time. Then again, Tuberville followed up the first attempted “coup” with an undefeated season. Maybe these self-important boosters are batshit crazy…like a fox.

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