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Post Heck of a recruiting visit

Monday January 14, 2008

The Knoxville News-Sentinel reports that two Tennessee football players were arrested over the weekend for marijuana possession. That might seem like just another offseason arrest (and early Fulmer Cup entry) until you read that they were showing a visiting lad a night on the town.

Also in the car were Jameel Owens of Oklahoma, a recruit in Knoxville for his official visit, and UT player William Brimfield. Neither of those two were charged.

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  • I read this article on the AJC and I didn’t see any mention of the players getting suspended. The only discipline I read about was not being able to host recruits for a year, community service, drug awareness meetings (or something like that) and some internal discipline. Boy that’ll teach ’em a lesson.

  • Coach Richt has a Winning Record against the vols in his 7 years at our helm, and our penalties for such an offense are mandated by The University itself. It includes at least being unable to play until we travel to Columbia for the South Carolina game in game 3. In fact there are quite a few who in this situation would not be allowed to play before we host Alabama, missing both South Carolina and the big game at Arizona State in the first 4 games.

    The response of the vols’ coaching staff, and backing of that by the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, is why every single solitary season for the last Six (6) in a Row now and counting that the Final AP Polls have ranked Coach Richt’s teams ahead of Fulmer’s vols.

    The lack of discipline in such cases there at ObKnoxiousville has led the vols over this 6-year span of recent history to be in fact only No. 19 in the nation at 52-25 while Coach Richt has led The Bulldogs to be 64-15 tied with LSU for 5th in the nation in Wins over this 6-year span. In addition, it has led to the vols not being ranked at all a third of the last Six (6) seasons consecutively now.

    While we kick players off the team for such actions as this, Fulmer gives his players no lesson whatsoever. And, his players demonstrate why they are not considered in our same league.