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Post The demolition will be televised

Wednesday December 26, 2007

Though tickets don’t seem to be much of a problem, one Hawaii cable company is going to some lengths to make sure that residents who can’t make the trip to New Orleans are still able to watch the Sugar Bowl in style:

Oceanic Time Warner Cable announced yesterday that 6,000 high-definition TV boxes arrived this week – in time for Christmas and the highly anticipated Sugar Bowl game between Hawai’i and Georgia.

The company had many of the boxes flown in to meet the growing demand for HDTV.

“Over 3,000 subscribers on a waiting list since the 1st of December will now get their boxes in time for the game,” said Alan Pollock, vice president of marketing at Oceanic Time Warner Cable.

No word yet on how the cable company plans on handling 5,987 returns on the morning of January 2nd.

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  • Hawaii is very proud to be playing in this Sugar Bowl against a very good Georgia Bulldogs team. I am a transplated Georgia boy in Honolulu. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS OFFENSE! You can look up at the score board in the 2nd Qtr and see about 4 UH TD’s posted if your not careful. These guys are pumped and this is the biggest game in their school history while its a blip on Georgia’s screen. Dont get caught sleeping like Oklahoma did against Boise State last year, you will be putting this game on ESPN Classic if your not careful!

  • I don’t think we are going to overlook your team. Our guys are pretty pumped too.

  • Groo, the last sentence has to be the best understated “zinger” I seen in a long while.