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Post Dawgs vs. Hawaii, Round One

Saturday December 22, 2007

While the football teams will be playing to determine one of the nation’s best football teams in a little over a week, the basketball teams will meet Saturday at 4:00 (ET) to determine last place in the Rainbow Classic. Georgia’s last-second loss against Tulane last night gives them two losses in the tournament and forces them to beat the hometown team in order to avoid the Golden Pineapple. With emotions already charged over the upcoming Sugar Bowl, you can bet that local sentiment will be against the Dawgs this afternoon.

The grumbling has predictably (and justifiably) picked up against Felton this weekend. After a national spotlight piece the other day in which Felton claims, “we’re as talented as we’ve ever been,” one doesn’t expect losses to ETSU and Tulane, especially on the same day.

I really expected (and still expect) three things from this season:

  • Beat Tech. Georgia has yet to lose to the Jackets in Athens since the series went home-and-home in 1995. Keeping that going could be the last chance Felton has to hold off mass revolt.
  • Finish at least .500 in the SEC. They managed it last year, and the league doesn’t look that impressive this year.
  • Make the postseason again. We all want the NCAA Tournament, but given the unexpected losses of Brown and Mercer, any postseason would be something at this point.

All three of those objectives look more difficult after the past two games, but I think meeting all three is still a necessity for Felton to continue to claim consistent – if not incremental – improvement in the program.

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  • No team is going to show incremental improvement when they lose their best two players right before the season starts. For the most part, we are relying on true freshman to take up the slack because our upperclassmen can’t play consistently on this level…they are all guys who had nothing but offers from mid-majors other than us(remnants of the Harrick debacle).

    As for Hawaii, yes, we won to finish in 7th place instead of dead last against a pathetic field; however, it was a hollow win. UH’s point guard was suspended for the first half…a half in which Yata scored 15 points. The UH kid proceeded to outscore Yata 16-0 in the 2nd half as their comeback fell just short.

    If we’re going to even make the NIT this year, the Frosh(all of them) are going to have to improve dramatically as the year goes on. The upperclassmen are what they are.

    As for the SEC being down, it’s hard to see this team taking much advantage of that when we can’t beat ETSU or Tulane on a neutral court.