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Post Starting to think about Hawaii

Friday December 14, 2007

Exams are over, bowl practices are about to get going, and thankfully the lull in the news is about over.

I’ve been able to watch Hawaii several times this season thanks to their late starts. One thing that has struck me about them is their ability to pull out wins under any circumstances. In five of their games, they trailed in the second half. Four times they’ve required either overtime or last-minute heroics for the win. And yet in each game they’ve found the resiliency to bounce back and win. Their comeback against San Jose State was good background noise on a Friday night in Nashville – even a two-touchdown deficit with four minutes left wasn’t enough to bury them.

I understand the level of competition we’re talking about. Still, this is a team used to being able to turn games around. In short, assume that no lead is safe.

This game could go a lot of ways, but if Georgia finds itself with a second-half lead of any size, there is almost no appropriate time to let off the gas either on offense or defense. We can debate the best way to defend their attack, but I think we can all agree that a prevent-style defense that gives Brennan all day to pick apart the coverage isn’t going to be effective.

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