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Post Can you blame him?

Tuesday December 11, 2007

Bobby Petrino has resigned as Atlanta Falcons head coach and will accept the vacant position at Arkansas, according to ESPN.

Petrino leaves the trainwreck of the Falcons and a 3-10 “career” NFL record for the greener pastures of Fayetteville. No offense to Will Muschamp, but the picture looks a lot sunnier for the Hogs than it did this morning.

The move will add yet another great storyline to the SEC as Petrino put in time at Auburn and very nearly became Auburn’s coach after the 2003 season. Now Auburn fans will either see what could have been or what they were lucky to avoid as Petrino takes over Arkansas.

I do have a suggestion for the Falcons – someone with NFL experience and the support of a lot of Bulldog fans across the state.


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