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Post Moreno the unanimous SEC Frosh of the Year

Wednesday December 5, 2007

Congratulations to Knowshon Moreno, the 2007 SEC Freshman of the Year. He was the only unanimous selection on the SEC’s list of individual accolades. The previous two SEC Freshmen of the Year? McFadden and Harvin. Not a bad legacy to follow. Winning this award unanimously over other worthy freshman such as Eric Berry is quite an accomplishment.

Now to ruffle some feathers about a couple of the other selections:

Is Glenn Dorsey’s selection as the SEC Defensive Player of the Year a case of reputation over reality? Dorsey at his best is definitely a dominant player. But the thing is that he hasn’t been healthy for much of the season and was ineffective enough at the end of the year that the LSU defense, as noted by Danielson, actually played better with him out of the game in the SEC Championship. Do you consider the injury and guess at what a healthy Dorsey would have meant down the stretch? I really don’t have an alternative player to suggest as more worthy than Dorsey, and even injured he’s a hell of a player, but I do wonder if this award was won before the season.

As the Senator notes, the selection of McFadden over Tebow is interesting. Good for DMac. I doubt this is a Heisman harbinger – more of a sendoff by the SEC. "Excellent" is too weak to describe Tebow’s season, but the potential for what might happen every time McFadden touched the ball made him the most outstanding player.

On to Sylvester Croom. The Mississippi State story this year is one of surprising upsets, a storybook comeback in the Egg Bowl, and an important bowl bid. I guess I just have a problem with this award going to a coach because his team was just mediocre instead of plain crap. It’s a little patronizing to be honest.

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  • It’s a little arrogant of you, to be honest, to say such a thing about Croom and the COTY award. I suppose you think Richt deserved it instead for having accomplished little more than he has before. He’s actually had better seasons anyway. It’s not anyone else’s fault but their own that UGA fans and players don’t have the heart to match their talent.

  • Harvey, I’m not making the case for Richt. I do have a problem with a 6-6 coach winning COTY honors.

    Richt might be deserving of consideration – his team did overachieve, and his coaching was clearly behind Georgia’s turnaround. But the most impressive coaching job might have been by Fulmer who held it together for a division title while support was eroding underneath him.

  • That’s cool. I’ll go with the Great Pumpkin as a good candidate. Any coach who can motivate Tennessee to perform at all above their talent level *has* to be a good coach.

    It depends on the criteria you use, I guess, to make the determination. But if you’re going by how dramatic a turnaround is, I’d still say Croom’s performance outmatches Fulmer’s and Richt’s.

    (Croom’s record this season is 7-5, and not 6-6, by the way. It *is* just one-game’s difference, but the difference between a .500 mark and a winning season is fairly significant. Especially when you consider what State’s record has been in recent years.)