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Post Very nice, ACC

Tuesday December 4, 2007

Forget moving it to Charlotte…try Greensboro’s Page High School.

ACC championship 2007

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  • What if they just tarped half the stadium? The whole problem here is that the ACC is a Yankee vs Wannabee Rebel conference. Add to that the fact that Jacksonville as a city is dirty and it suck. The gator bowl is a UGA/UF tradition and thats it. Jville is not a destination city. Put the game in DC or Charlotte it will give it much better apeal and exposure……….I think DC………maybe The Meadowlands……….It just needs big market exposure………..It will never be able to compete with the SEC and its fans. Combine stadium capacities and then throw in demand for tickets at each school……….ACC is pathetic! Go Dawgs

  • Jacksonville can’t be faulted for effort on this dead on arrival turkey. After almost breaking even the first year, they have taken million dollar hits the past two. Let Charlotte have the game and see how many fans will go watch two ACC “powers” slug it out. Just don’t let the schools schedule a basketball game on the same day within fifty miles.

  • I agree. It won’t be any better if they have it here, unless UNC could play Va Tech – and I’m not sure if that could happen (same division?). Add in the fact that BoA stadium holds over 72,000 and you will still have 20,000 empty seats. I am sure the banks here would buy plenty of tickets and distribute them – just to get the sellout – but you would be lucky to get 40 – 50,000 people. There is a reason all ACC schools (except FSU & CU) have small stadiums – that’s the fan base. Won’t be any different for an ACCCG.

    Look at the SEC for size comparison – SECCG draws on average about 10% less fans than most conference stadiums hold. But that’s only because the GA Dome can’t hold 85 -90,000 people. Have it in the infield at Bristol Motor Speedway and you’d have 150,000 nuts in there screamin’ their heads off. Again – that’s the fanbase.