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Tuesday December 4, 2007

Beginning with Gameday at 10 and ending as Hawaii held on at 3:30 in the morning, it was a great day to watch the end of the college football regular season. We sat through 482 showings of the same Dr. Pepper commercial, watched the drama of the Michigan coaching position unfold, and saw outcomes worthy of this unpredictable season. We also saw…

  • Dr. Pepper in a single weekend has made me hate Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Bastards.
  • How’d you like to be the sophomore defensive end that always gets skipped when the ABC/ESPN lineup introduction spends all its time highlighting the middle linebacker?
  • Football tip of the day courtesy ABC and Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski…yes, it is easier to throw and catch the ball on a calm, sunny day.
  • Either Ryan Perrilloux is the most emotionally fragile redshirt freshman ever, or CBS was overdoing it a bit with their appreciation for how LSU was managing their barely-adequate offense.
  • Good job by the ABC cameramen keeping the ACC Championship crowd shots nice and tight. Just go ahead and move the game to Lane Stadium.
  • Some thought Tennessee’s all-orange uniforms looked like prison jumpsuits. I just thought of Bill Bates.
  • I really want Army-Navy to mean something, but it’s becoming harder and harder to watch each year. The highlight of the day remains the entrance of the cadets, and it goes downhill quickly.
  • Other than skin color, I’m not sure what’s supposed to make Jacob Hester a "throwback" player. He’s a good running back, runs hard, makes plays. Otherwise, does he play with a single-bar facemask or something?
  • Fox’s BCS selection show reminded us of the "love" part of the love-hate relationship we have with ESPN. For all of the nitpicking we do with the WWL’s punditry, it is miles above the clownish show we got from Fox. Right out of the NFL pregame show model, we got Barry Switzer on laughing gas plus 17 other useless talking heads dragging out 45 seconds of information into a 30-minute show. Bring on the exploding robots.
  • It had been a while since I had seen Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year Curtis Lofton, but the Oklahoma junior linebacker was the best player I saw in any game on Saturday.
  • Good Lord, what’s happened to Cal?

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