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Post Not Herbie’s best day

Sunday December 2, 2007

Saturday started with Kirk Herbstreit making himself part of the Les Miles – Michigan story.  Herbstreit cited “sources” telling him that Miles would accept the Michigan job with Jon Tenuta joining him as defensive coordinator.  Whether simply untrue or whether the leak forced Miles’ hand, Miles announced at an afternoon press conference that he would remain on as LSU’s coach.  Herbstreit, in a comment during the evening, stood by his sources and speculated that his announcement gave LSU a chance to counter Michigan’s offer or that Miles’ announcement was a “smokescreen” until his real decision could be made.  (Miles has since confirmed that he will return to LSU next season.)

Now on to tonight’s BCS discussion.  Herbstreit was quick to discount Georgia and Kansas, emphasizing that a team that couldn’t win its conference doesn’t belong in the national title game.  He acknowledged that the rules did not require a conference championship, but it would be a requirement if he made the rules.

Say what you will about that, but Herbstreit had no problems campaigning for an Ohio State – Michigan rematch in last season’s title game.  Making the case that the voters should select the two best teams regardless of conference hardware, he dissented when the BCS voters placed the Gators in the 2006 title game.

I appreciate the Gators. They had a great year, and they deserve to be there. It’s just my humble opinion that I still feel that Michigan is the second best team in the country. The voters clearly did not want a rematch.

Does Kirk just make up these rules as he goes? “It’s down to who the two best teams in the country are…forget about who’s played who…who in your mind are the top two teams right now in college football?”

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  • Herbstreit is an idiot who made himself look like a complete ass clown. I dont know how he can show his face on TV anymore, certainly he cannot with any credibility. Never wants to do anything that might help Georgia until they show him up and then he backtracks to save himself.

  • It’s too bad ESPN holds this much sway over voters and college FB in general.

  • You people don’t get it! Turn off ESPN!
    You can watch the games but turn off the other shows. If you don’t like what’s being said, why are you watching them. The BCS selection show on Fox was much better anyway. Plus, you saw the pairings announced first on Fox.
    Turn off ESPN!!

  • Yes, ol’ “Herb of the wide stance” wasn’t the only talking donk who lobbied for UM last year and “disqualified” UGA this year.

    Listening to those hypocrites made me want to puke. Hmmm..good enough for michigan, oklahoma, and nebraska..but not UGA or Kansas.

    So now we get the battle of the two most overrated teams in the country. Don’t worry LSU…even if you lose to OSU, you will be #1 again in a couple of weeks.