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Tuesday November 20, 2007

It seems a fait accompli that Les Miles will be the top choice for the vacant Michigan coaching job. Michigan has to have a Michigan man. But is getting a favorite son the path to success? Outside of Appalachia, it appears not:

  • LSU: Miles (Michigan)
  • Kansas: Mangino (Youngstown State)
  • West Virginia: Rodriguez (WVa.)
  • Georgia: Richt (Miami)
  • Ohio State: Tressel (Baldwin-Wallace)
  • Arizona State: Erickson (Montana State)
  • Virginia Tech: Beamer (VPI)
  • Missouri: Pinkel (Kent State)
  • Oregon: Bellotti (UC Davis)
  • Oklahoma: Stoops (Iowa)
  • SoCal: Carroll (Pacific)
  • Florida: Meyer (Cincinnati)

On a related note, how do LSU fans feel about their program becoming a stepping stone for job-hoppers? Will the next hire go again for the superstar who might bolt in a few years, or is there someone out there to establish an LSU coaching legacy?

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