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Monday November 19, 2007
Hoosiers Team
This is your team.

Mike Mercer has "become a distraction," so the junior guard has become the latest Bulldog player to be dismissed from the men’s basketball team.

For those keeping score, that’s:

  • Leading returning scorer (Takais Brown) dismissed after being suspended for academic issues
  • Second-leading returning scorer (Mike Mercer) dismissed after being suspended for academic issues
  • Guard Billy Humphrey facing felony charges after a dorm search
  • Forward Albert Jackson suspended for academic issues

Sundiata Gaines deserves better, but at this rate he’ll hit a moose on the way home tonight. Only Rashad Wright knows how this feels.

Dismissing Brown and Mercer is probably perfectly justifiable, but someone needs to remind Dennis Felton that 1) there’s no Jimmy Chitwood coming to quiet the townspeople, and 2) Norman Dale did eventually, you know, win.

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