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Post God Bless America

Friday November 16, 2007

When I learned that the Silver Wings U.S. Army Infantry Command Exhibition Parachute Team was appearing at the Georgia-Kentucky game, my initial reaction wasn’t pleasant. We know the history here.

But you know what? Screw it. This season has been all about saying “screw it” to trends. We always lose to Florida? Screw it. We always lose to Auburn at home? Screw it. This is just one more trend to reverse. Welcome to these dedicated soldiers – omens of victory from above.

Silver Wings

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  • I’ll be there…

    I’m not sure I’ve slept well since the “Blackout” last week, because I can’t wait…just to freakin’ be there one more time this year (I have to get the taste of South Carolina out of my mouth, you understand)

    While it won’t quite be on the same level of anticipation–or result–as far as the “holy” black shirts are concerned, of course, I’m damned-well looking forward to this game and I agree with the “screw-it” mentality…especially since I was also at the UT game last year.

    Therefore, let the jinx being broken, I say, because I love the para-drop…

    Mathena, ABJ ’83

  • The curse has been broken. I flew in the UGA flag this year and had an awesome time at the game. Hope to see you next year!!