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Thursday November 15, 2007

Earlier today I was reading Blutarsky’s comments about the whole Michigan/journalism/blogs flap. When you start thinking about some of the things that separate the pros from the unshaven masses, several things come to mind. Thoroughness when it comes to getting the story is one of them. For example…

ESPN’s Pat Forde turns to the people for help this week,

Putting Out An APB For …
… Former Georgia quarterback Eric Zeier (37), who was the Bulldogs’ starting QB for approximately seven years in the 1990s. (Unfortunately none of it was done in the very cool black uniforms coach Mark Richt trotted out against Auburn Saturday. Props to that move from the suddenly motivation-stoked Richt.) Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the Bulldogs’ second-leading career passer, please apprise The Dash.

Now I don’t want to get on Forde’s case too hard because, after all, he’s giving props to the Dawgs, Mark Richt, and Eric Zeier, and we appreciate it.

But still. Google is your friend, Pat. Zeier’s not exactly Jake Scott when it comes to reclusiveness.

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