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Post Postgame traffic horror stories?

Thursday November 15, 2007

How has gameday traffic been for you this season?

There was a letter in the ABH earlier this week complaining about conditions after the Auburn game, and it’s the first I had heard of really bad post-game traffic this year.

I’ll admit straight up that I’m rarely affected by traffic. We’re usually in Athens before 9 a.m. and often leave several hours after the game or even later in the evening. We’re also on the downtown side of things, so we’re never dealing with the crowds on East Campus.

I usually gauge the traffic by the time it takes my wife to navigate from her family over at the Georgia Center to our tailgate downtown. To be honest, it hasn’t seemed that bad this year. Even last weekend after the Auburn game we had clear sailing through and out of town just a couple of hours after the game ended.

For those of you with a little more urgency getting in and out of town, how has it been? I’m especially interested in feedback about East Campus and the impact of the new direct on-ramp to the bypass.

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  • Yeah, I have to say, for some very strange reason it was pretty bad. Nothing seemed to have changed though…perhaps it was the excitement of the game that the town may have swelled by 200,000 rather than 94,000. Maybe there were a lot of people that just stuck around for the atmosphere. But yeah, I left about 9:30 and it was STILL bogged down on the 10-Loop. Very strange.

  • Maybe the University police should spend more time in the streets doing their jobs instead of arresting people for having a pocket knife.

  • DuluthDawg, thanks for the first-hand account. Maybe it’s just the Auburn game like you say…that game in 2005 by itself was the catalyst for a whole new set of tailgating rules.