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Post Moichendising

Thursday November 15, 2007

If you, like half the people in my section on Saturday, have been looking for a #24 jersey, good news is on the way…just in time for Christmas.

Georgia fans have searched high and low for replica Knowshon Moreno No. 24 jerseys to buy, but to no avail. UGA did not approve that number for marketing purposes before the season.

But that has changed. Alan Thomas, Georgia’s senior associate athletics director for promotions and marketing, said Tuesday that the athletics department recently approved the sale of No. 24 jerseys, and they should be showing up on retail shelves soon.

I wonder whether the #24 or #7 will sell better next year or if Thomas would even release that information.

While we’re talking about jerseys, which number should get the nod if they selected a defensive jersey to replicate next year? #33? #2? #95? #35? #9?

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  • #2 – Asher Allen is playing like Paul Oliver would have played this year. #91 – Kade Would be a good choice, too. #1 – Mohammed Massaquoi has been clutch down the stretch. #5 – C.J. Byrd will be a senior leader (I hope) in the mold of Tra Battle or Kelin . . . I could do this all day. Thanks Dawgs. Stay Hungry!

  • Definitely #35 Rennie Curran. This kid is a beast and keeps getting better each week. It’s hard to say his name in the same breath as Pollack…yet.
    I’d also expect #31 Quintin Banks to make some $$ as well.

  • #33 #9 or #35 in that order – Rennie and Rashad are the future stars of the defense but it will be Dannell’s D next year. Asher is having a great career so far but people like the big hits