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Post Kansas and Missouri don’t like each other

Tuesday November 13, 2007

(h/t CFR)

I’ve always wondered what it would be like if an SEC team played a true northern football power that took its geographical identity as personally as we do in the South. It might go something like this.

Ordinarily Kansas vs. Missouri is an interesting basketball game or a who-cares football game. Not this year. And with that extra attention, fans of the two schools are going just a little overboard.

Kansas and Missouri are trading Civil War (or WBTS if you please) insults prior to their game that dig at tensions going back nearly 150 years to the days of abolition and states’ rights and are invoking the names of such notorious fighting men as John Brown and William Quantrill.

Depending on the outcome of this game, the folks over at Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC are getting a little nervous. It’s a good thing Gettysburg College is Division III.

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  • I move away from Georgia in 1990 but have kept up with the Dawgs since. Since my duaghter attended Missouri I have been a fan and they finally have a really good team that has a chance of top three. The Kansas- Missouri rivalary is good but nothing will ever compare to Tech- Georgia even though Tech has disappointed for so long. To me there is no better time than to ring up my brother, a Tech Grad, after a Georgia win and rub it in once more.