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Post Matt Patchan probably won’t be going to Miami

Monday November 12, 2007

The star offensive line prospect from Florida says he has “always been a Cane” but is burning bridges with potential teammates before he even announces his college choice.

Patchan took in Miami’s embarrassing loss to Virginia on Saturday and is ready to make some changes.

“They played terribly,” he said. “That was extremely tough to watch. Guys after the game – there’s too many guys that just it doesn’t bother them that they lost the game. There’s too many guys now at the U that ‘It’s okay we lost, well what am I going to do tonight?’ Like it doesn’t mean anything. They need to get rid of those type of guys.”

The high school student / coach / talent scout continues his evaluation:

“Half those guys in Miami uniforms shouldn’t be there. They physically don’t cut it. A lot of those guys were wasted scholarships. That was Miami’s fault in recruiting. You can’t take a guy who doesn’t know how to play football and ask him to do things that are expected out of University of Miami players.”

On second thought, maybe Patchan is perfect for Miami. I’m sure team chemistry would only improve with him in the locker room.

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