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Post Boom, mf-er

Sunday November 11, 2007

I wonder if the fawning over Will Muschamp will die down just a little bit now.

The Dawgs have now scored over 30 points in three consecutive meetings with Auburn for the first time since the mid-1940s (I exclude the 1996 overtime game). Going back to Muschamp’s days at LSU, the Dawgs are averaging 42+ points in their last three contests against the teams for which Muschamp is coaching.

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You know, some people think that because he doesn’t bleed from the head Willie Martinez isn’t much of an intense defensive coordinator. The assumption is that the style of defense must reflect the personality of the coordinator. Strickland addresses that head-on in this piece. He also provides a nice discussion of coaching from the box vs. the sideline and contrasts the preferences of successful coordinators like Martinez, Muschamp, Tenuta, and also an offensive coordinator in Bobo.

I understand (and sometimes even agree with) criticisms of scheme and personnel on defense, but one of the more ridiculous arguments we see occasionally is that Martinez lacks fire – as if people actually scrutinize his demeanor during the games. Hopefully articles like Strickland’s can help put that myth to bed.

Though support based on one game can be as hasty as condemnation based on one game, if Georgia – Auburn was “a referendum among certain Bulldog fans on Willie Martinez’s coordinatorship,” it was one of the least controversial ballot issues in the state this month.

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  • Thanks for the link. And I agree totally. Coach Martinez passed with flying colors. Interesting note: this was the most points given up by Auburn during the Tuberville era. And for an interesting contrast, I noticed after a quick stroll through the Auburn blogs and boards that a lot of their fans agree that Al Borges will (not should, but will) be gone at the end of the year. Talk about going from the hero to the goat. Keep up the great work, MD

  • If coaches were hired by fan votes you can be sure that Vince would never have coached at UGA. Goff, maybe. Donnan, I doubt it. Richt, no.,,,,,Let’s don’t let the fans hire our coach at UGA. Let the fans try to become members of the top 5% of their profession first. Then maybe offer coaching job suggestions,,,,,,,, to Alabama.