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Post Wearing out the scoreboard

Monday November 5, 2007

With wins over Florida and Troy, Georgia has scored 40+ points in consecutive games for the first time since 2002. The Dawgs accomplished that feat twice in 2002. Otherwise, you have to go back to 1993 for the last time that Georgia scored at least 40 in consecutive games.

With that yang comes the yin – the Dawgs have also surrendered 30+ points in consecutive games. Unless someone beats me to it, I’ll also find out the last time that happened.

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  • The last time Georgia gave up 30+ points in consecutive games was 2000.

    The Dogs beat Kentucky 34-30 in Lexington on 10/21, then lost to Florida 23-34 in Jacksonville on 10/28. For the record, Georgia then gave up 29 to Auburn in an overtime loss (26-29) on the Plains on 11/11 (after a bye week).

    It also happened in 1999, when there were 3 consecutive games giving up 30+. It would have been 4, but Vandy gave us a break.

    10/9 Tennessee 20-37 L, Knoxville
    10/16 Vandy 27-17 W, Nashville
    10/23 Kentucky 49-34 W, Athens
    10/30 Florida 14-30 L, Jax
    11/13 Auburn 21-38 L, Athens (after two bye weeks)

    Both of those were 8-4 seasons. Both included losses to Tech. The bowl games were split.

    1996 and 1997 included games against both Auburn and Florida in which we gave up at least 30 points to each.

    I can’t look at this any more. Reading that 1996 Florida score just gave me that sick feeling in my stomach again, so I’ve got to re-read some stories about the 2007 Florida game.

  • Wow, great job. Thanks for the digging. You’re right…not a Bulldog point of pride there.