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Post Richt: Get your butt to the stadium Saturday

Wednesday October 31, 2007

I’m not one who believes that the focus of the team and the fans has to be in sync in order for the team to be successful. Last week, many Georgia fans were still in a deep funk over the Florida game and were going to the game hoping for the best but more or less resigned to a loss. Shame on us – the team fortunately had a different outlook.

Likewise, the team doesn’t always perform at its best when the crowd is great. The scene before the Auburn game in 1999 was as good as it gets in Sanford Stadium.

All that said, I still think that the crowd and the team can feed off each other for better or worse. Homecoming is usually a pretty dead crowd and an unexciting game. The alumni can reunite, eat fried chicken, and watch a lackluster win over someone like Vandy or Kentucky. (Well…except for last year.)

Another Homecoming loss is unthinkable, but Troy is a decent team that can put some points on the board. A letdown by both the fans and the team is very possible after such an emotional win last weekend. For that reason, Mark Richt is appealing to the fans to get to the Dawg Walk at around 11:30 and fire up the team.

“Our Bulldog fans can help our players get emotionally ready for the game,” said Coach Richt. “Our players need the energy and heart to face Troy and our fans can help prepare the team for the game.”

After such a good win, the Dawgs deserve better than the usual sleepy Homecoming crowd. Of course the team has a role too, and they need to come out with the same attitude and urgency that led them to a win last week. It’s been over a month since Georgia’s last home game, and a lot has happened since we last heard Soulja Boy.

I don’t think there’s been such a collective release of tension in the Bulldog Nation since Michael Johnson’s catch at Auburn in 2002. Instead of a letdown or coming out flat in the next game, Georgia followed that 2002 win with the 51-7 demolition of Georgia Tech and continued the roll into the postseason. A good start and nice win over Troy could set the Dawgs up for the two crucial home games that follow.

PS…if the pre-game and in-game videos aren’t updated with Florida highlights, someone needs to be drug out of the Butts-Mehre building and left in the street.

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