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Thursday October 18, 2007

Earlier this summer, I questioned the assumption that the Georgia Tech passing game had nowhere to go but up with Taylor Bennett (or anyone not named Reggie Ball). No less a writer than Furman Bisher said that Gailey owed Tech fans an explanation for sticking with Ball after watching Bennett’s Gator Bowl performance. I pointed out that Gailey had in fact opened the door for someone like Bennett to take the position during Ball’s career,

Bisher asserts that “Chan Gailey stubbornly stuck with Ball,” but Gailey did try someone else when Ball was struggling, even if it wasn’t Bennett. Damarius Bilbo got a chance against the Dawgs and was even worse. 3 completions, 10 attempts, and 29 yards. Gailey eventually gave up and went back to his starter. The quarterback position was up for grabs several times during Ball’s four years, and each time he held off the competitors. Against challenges from Bilbo, Pat Clark, and Bennett, Ball stood out time after time. Tech’s own official site declared the position up for competition entering the 2005 spring practice, but Ball emerged again with a clear-cut victory.

It’s finally Bennett’s turn, and we’ve now had half of a season to see if that grass really was greener. Get the Picture looks at the results so far and concludes, “I think it’s safe to say at this point that, at least with regard to choosing his starting quarterback, Chan Gailey isn’t a stupid man.”

As expected, the weak passing game doesn’t make a bad team. I wasn’t the only one thinking that “behind Choice and another quality defense, I think they’ll be rather good.” Tashard Choice and, to a greater extent, the defense are proving to be the biggest factors keeping Tech above water this year and likely headed for another bowl bid.

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