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Post Mafia contracted to help Georgia’s passing game

Wednesday October 10, 2007

All it will take is Guido and Giuseppe breaking a few bones to end the dropsies. From Ching’s transcription of an interview with RB coach Tony Ball:

He can catch. Lump’s got really good hands. His fingers are free and as long as your fingers are free, that’s how you catch the ball – with your fingers. So as long as those are free, he can catch it. Now when he had that club on, he had to really be concentrating. But what that cast has done is really made him concentrate. Whether it’s catching the ball or carrying the football, it’s made him concentrate on handling the football and not taking it for granted. So he’ll be better for it.

UPDATE: Then again, if the Cosa Nostra route isn’t palatable, we can try the mind-numbing team building methods of the Philadelphia Flyers (h/t Deadspin):

They even worked together connecting hundreds of Lego pieces in an attempt to define their unity as a team.

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