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Post I’d want the charges dropped too

Monday October 8, 2007

Tony Joiner’s little legal problems evaporated rather quickly during last week. He went from facing a felony charge to missing a single series in Saturday’s LSU game. The victim of Joiner’s “crime” had a little tougher week.

The owner of the towing company involved in Florida safety Tony Joiner’s burglary case said Saturday he received more than 200 threatening phone calls.

More than a dozen of the calls were death threats and others were bomb threats, Stan Forron told Florida Today. Several callers even offered to pay the $76 towing bill if Forron would drop the charge.

“I’m just glad it wasn’t Tim Tebow, that’s all I can say,” Forron told the newspaper. “I think I would be covered in 10 feet of concrete right now if it had been Tebow.”

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