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Wednesday September 19, 2007

Cats Gone Wild

Kentucky’s in high cotton, and they’re making the most of it. After being denied prime goalpost-crashing opportunities in 2002 by Georgia and in 2003 by LSU, the Wildcat fans have now stormed the field in 2 of Kentucky’s last 6 games at Commonwealth Stadium. The first celebration was last November in a game we won’t speak of. The second was after Saturday’s upset of Louisville.

The SEC enacted a policy in 2004 that "access to competition areas shall be limited to participating student-athletes, coaches, officials, support personnel and properly credentialed individuals at all times." Kentucky was nailed as a first offender last November for tearing down the goalposts, and this second "offense" will cost Kentucky $25,000. A third time would cost $50,000. I believe a fourth offense would involve a firing squad.

At least Kentucky fans tore down the goalposts after a home game.

The answer: Thomas, Ramarcus, and the grass

The question: name three things in Sanford Stadium that will be Brown in a few weeks.

Athens-Clarke County recently tightened watering restrictions to completely ban outdoor watering, and Sanford Stadium isn’t exempt. Trucking in water and digging wells aren’t practical solutions, so things will remain parched Between the Hedges. One saving grace is that the cooler fall temperatures won’t be as harsh on the turf as the 100+ degree temperatures of August.

The fire marshal might start to sweat a little when he sees Knowshon Moreno entering the game.

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