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Wednesday September 19, 2007

No one likes dropped passes. They’re missed opportunities, and one expects a guy playing at the Division 1 level to at the very least catch the freaking football.

Fans of most schools have a tendency to over-exaggerate their own shortcomings and lack perspective and context because they just don’t follow what is going on with other teams. Watch me prove that statement by suggesting that Georgia fans are among the worst out there at agonizing over every dropped pass. Other schools, successful ones too, are dealing with the same issues.

Plus, as well as Ryan has played, things should be even better. BC coaches have counted more than 10 drops from receivers this season, including three in last week’s win over Georgia Tech — when Ryan played flawlessly against Tech coordinator Jon Tenuta’s aggressive, unorthodox blitzing schemes.

That fact doesn’t make me feel any better about losing the South Carolina game, but I’m just about tired of the woe-is-us stuff from Georgia fans since that loss. Does George Gibson’s sell red sackcloth?

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